/pat / (say paht)

1. a portion or division of a whole, separate in reality, or in thought only; a piece, fragment, fraction, or section; a constituent.
2. an essential or integral attribute or quality.
a. a section or major division of a work of literature.
b. a volume.
4. a portion, member, or organ of an animal body.
5. each of a number of more or less equal portions composing a whole: a third part.
6. Mathematics an aliquot part or exact divisor.
7. an allotted portion; a share.
8. (usually plural) a region, quarter, or district: foreign parts.
9. one of the sides to a contest, question, agreement, etc.
10. an extra piece for replacing worn out parts of a tool, machine, etc.
11. Music
a. a voice either vocal or instrumental.
b. the written or printed matter extracted from the score which a single performer or section uses in the performance of concerted music: a horn part.
12. participation, interest, or concern in something.
13. one's share in some action; a duty, function, or office: nature didn't do her part.
14. a character sustained in a play or in real life; a role.
15. the words or lines assigned to an actor.
16. (usually plural) a personal or mental quality or endowment: a man of parts.
17. (plural) the genitals.
18. a part of speech.
19. a parting in the hair.
verb (t)
20. to divide (a thing) into parts; break; cleave; divide.
21. to comb (the hair) away from a dividing line.
22. to dissolve (a connection, etc.) by separation of the parts, persons, or things involved: she parted company with her sisters.
23. to divide into shares; distribute in parts; apportion.
24. to put or keep asunder (two or more parts, persons, etc., or one part, person, etc., from another); draw or hold apart; disunite; separate.
verb (i)
25. to be or become divided into parts; break or cleave: the frigate parted amidships.
26. to go or come apart or asunder, or separate, as two or more things.
27. to go apart from each other or one another, as persons: we'll part no more.
28. Nautical to break or rend, as a cable.
29. to depart.
30. to die.
31. in part; partial.
a. descending in part from a specified racial or ethnic group: her mother was part Maori.
b. (of an animal) descending in part from a specified kind or breed: the dog was part Rottweiler.
33. in part; partly.
34. for my (his, her, etc.) part, so far as concerns me (him, her, etc.).
35. for the most part, with regard to the greater part; mostly.
36. in good part, with favour; without offence.
37. in part, in some measure or degree; to some extent.
38. part and parcel, an essential part. {Phrase Origin: 15th-century English, originally a legal formula in defining ownership, contents of estates, etc., parcel being an emphatic repetition of the sense of part}
39. part from, to be or become separated from.
40. part up, Colloquial (sometimes followed by with) to hand over; pay out.
41. part way, to some extent; partly.
42. part with,
a. to give up; relinquish: I parted with my gold.
b. to depart from.
43. play a part,
a. to act deceitfully; dissemble or dissimulate.
b. to be instrumental.
44. take part, to participate.
45. take someone's part, to support or defend someone.
{Middle English; Old French, from Latin part-, stem of pars piece, portion}

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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